There are three applications in the Grendel platform – each designed around a specific experience for the advisor, client, or supervisor.  Our basic package includes everything in the ADVISOR and CLIENT applications which includes all you need to grow a successful practice.  Add-on additional features or use COMMAND to suit your needs.

These applications are connected in a way so unique it’s patented (US patent 7,873,557).


You deal with a large amount of information from a wide variety of sources.  Running your practice often gets in the way of helping your clients.  To compete, you need a platform that understands how you operate and gives you a fast, easy, and compliant solution.

ADVISOR is the hub of your firm and the core of your disaster recovery.  It’s the first thing you turn on in the morning and the last thing you turn off at night.  If there’s something you need for your practice, you’ll find it in Grendel.


If you’re interested in more powerful and integrated features, we’ve got you covered!  Grendel ADD-ONS allows you to pick and choose enhancements powered by industry leading partners.

As you’d expect, we take these features and blend them seamlessly into our applications giving you the best of all worlds.  It’s all about getting you more information with less effort!


A client portal used to be a luxury – an add-on for the “younger” clients.  Nowadays, especially in light of new regulations, a client portal is quickly becoming a necessity.  Not only  are clients now expecting more information at their fingertips, compliance officers are expecting you to offer instant online transparency.

CLIENT gives you the ability to share the right information the way you want.  You’re in control and can decide exactly what a client sees and when they see it.


Sometimes working as a single office isn’t enough.  You may be a supervisor, OSJ, or part of a group of multiple advisors.

COMMAND allows you to set on top of multiple offices using ADVISOR.  It allows you to share and receive information in a way that makes sense to how you and the advisors work.


We’re here to make this easy for you.  Call us at 888-824-4477 or fill out the form below and someone will get back to you.  We want to know how we can make your life easier!

Equisoft, a leading global provider of digital business solutions for the insurance and wealth industries, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Grendel.