For the second year in a row, Grendel is a finalist for the award for CRM innovation.  This year we have been recognized for our advanced Form Builder component.

The FORM BUILDER gives advisors the ability to add advanced data customization unlike any other platform.  Advisor can create sophisticated “forms” of information – completely unique to how they run their practice.

In most systems, customization is either limited or requires a full time designer.  With Grendel’s Form Builder, users are given the tools they need to do this themselves – with zero design experience needed.  Users can create their own “brand” of data gathering which can include their own specialized form fields, custom fields, system fields, or any combination of the above.

Another powerful feature of the Form Builder is that it allows for point-in-time data capture.  This means that that you can keep the information as it existed on different dates.  For example, imagine you’ve created a form titled Client Review.  This form records the clients net worth, thoughts on the current market environment, and a few other pieces of information.  Because the forms can be reused, you can have a form from 2016 and 2017 – both showing the same fields, but each retaining the information as it was written at the time.

The Form Builder allows for you to cross reference any contact, investment product, or combination of the two within Grendel.  This opens up the possibilities for some interesting and powerful forms.  You can easily create forms to track Product Audits, Prospect Opportunities, or Insurance Underwriting.  There is no limit to what can be created.

For more information on Form Builder, contact  If you’re an existing user, you can watch the webinar on KB 4181.